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Interior Appearance: 00602-35000-001 Toyota Tundra 2000 Miscellaneous 4-Piece Floor Mat Set $74.99 00602-35000-100 Toyota Tundra 2000 Miscellaneous 2-Piece Floor Mat Set $45.99 Performance Packages: 00602-40000-400 Toyota Tundra 2000 Pkg, Ivan Stewart Tundra, Access Cab, 2000, with wheel/tire set NEW Call Includes monochromatic body package ... warning! the use of lci’s sway command ® with 2014-2020 gm trucks and suvs equipped with an integrated trailer brake control module (itbcm) could cause reduced braking effectiveness, induce loss of brake control and increase the risk of injury when towing a trailer. If you are looking for used Toyota spares online, then welcome! Our Toyota scrap yards are based in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg of South Africa and is constantly growing. From large 4×4’s to the smaller Toyota Yaris, we are here to offer a simple way to find Toyota parts online.