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The noun drop (mostly in the plural form) has, in addition to its main meaning "a small particle of water or other liquid", the meanings: "ear-rings shaped as drops of water" (e. g. diamond drops) and "candy of the same shape" (e. g. mint drops).The wh- clause acts like an ordinary relative clause: X Who we forgot to invite was Ian. ✓ The one (who) we forgot to invite was Ian. The house was large and sprawling, with two wings and a dark attic. Hilary spent most of her time in the drawing-room or the garden.Fig. 4. Centuries before the Inca Empire, people of Tiwanaku moved enormous stones across Lake Titicaca to create massive structures, including the Akapana Pyramid shown here. All that archaeologists found at the top were utilitarian-looking rooms, shaped much like the rock chambers of New England (Chapter 6).