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#!/usr/bin/env python3 # Basics ROS program to publish real-time streaming # video from your built-in webcam # Author: # - Addison Sears-Collins # - # Import the necessary libraries import rospy # Python library for ROS from sensor_msgs.msg import Image # Image is the message type from cv_bridge import CvBridge ...ROS2 has support for windows, but if you have issues with it, that is a different question. To make a ROS node for your python code, first put it all into a separate class/module; the ROS node should only have interfacing boilerplate between the "real code" and communication. opencv需要的ippicv_2019_mac_intel64_general_20180723.tgz 国内网络环境下,可能会无法下载此包,传到这里,可以下载。 ... Realtime ROS2 ... The solution of ros for beginners: basics, motion, and OpenCV free download. The solution of robot OS (ros) for absolute beginners. The solution of udemy Free courses. The solution of the robotics beginner course; The solution of udemy ros2; The solution of ros slam course; The solution of what's ros ? The solution of ros world