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Explain to students that the lines between each number signify a single minute, so that if the minute hand was one line past the 1 to tell the time we would have to realize that the 1=5 minutes and add 1 more minute to it so that it would be 2:06. Demonstrate 1-2 more times with larger numbers (ie, minute hand on 3 past 8, 8=40 +3 = 43 minutes). Jun 03, 2010 · Ever wonder what time it will be in New York when you arrive in Hong Kong? Or how much longer your trip will be with a stop-over in London? This service calculates the total traveling time for a round trip or a multi-city trip (up to 8 cities) between cities or locations available in our World Clock, as well as display the local time for the selected cities, time zone information, and a map ... It's the day of your wedding and you've got only 5 minutes left to bring your life to a fast end. Move around as the spouse or as the poor guy and find things to destroy your body. 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself: Wedding Day is a funny sequel to the bloody self-destruction game series.