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Vision, Hearing and Speech-Language Pathology Services V2204 is a valid 2020 HCPCS code for Spherocylinder, bifocal, plano to plus or minus 4.00d sphere, 2.12 to 4.00d cylinder, per lens or just "Lens sphcy bifocal 4.00d/2.1" for short, used in Vision items or services.. V2204 has been in effect since 10/01/2003Code the specific stage of glaucoma * Glaucoma Stages The following Glaucoma codes require one of the stage codes: 365.10, 365.11, 365.12, 365.13,(open angle GLC) 365.20, 365.23,(angle closure GLC) 365.31,(corticosteroid included GLC) 365.52,(GLC associated with disorders of the crystalline lens) 365.62, 365.63, and 365.65, (GLC associated with ... • V2781 – V2784 As a reminder, the following optical lens codes are not covered by Medi-Cal and will continue to deny accordingly with the message “Procedure code is not covered”. • V2118 • V2218-V2219 • V2315 • V2318-V2319 Jun 15, 2020 · Some medical and vision insurances have an allowance towards LASIK. They will require it be billed out either as an S-code (S0800), or else as a CPT code (65760). Included below is a chart showing S-codes along with their approximately equivalent CPT-codes or V-codes.