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You could mix some atomized steel in the JB weld (or other epoxy). I do this sometimes when doing a fix. It actually throws sparks when grinding it! JB Weld already has an optimal amount of steel mixed with it (a magnet will actually stick to it because of this) as it comes from the tube, adding more will weaken it. If the area to be repaired can be prepped and reached in order to put JB Weld on it, I'm having problems understanding why fiberglass itself can't be used. Personally I would try to go with a proper fiberglass repair, then an epoxy and then JB weld (JB Weld is a type of epoxy, but there are epoxies available that will work specifically with ... JB WELD MINUTEWELD INSTANT SETTING EPOXY GLUE 50101 MinuteWeld™ is a special formulated, high-strength, two-part instant setting epoxy. MinuteWeld™ will set under most temperature conditions in one minute. MinuteWeld™ is designed to adhere to multiple surfaces and can be used on ceramic, tile, glass, stone, most plastics, wood and metal.