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Dive into the creative building experience and see how your rig can be customized for gaming, modding, design, music, and more. Jun 08, 2017 · They come only as and when needed. For example, your system manufacturer might release a BIOS update in order to run the latest version of Windows 10 more smoothly or add support for some features. In other cases, there might be a BIOS update to fix existing problems. Still, a BIOS update is rare but not unheard. Nov 07, 2019 · However, if more than 1 operating system is installed, there can be more than 1 system partition or boot partition. For example, if we install Windows XP on drive C and Windows Vista on drive D, both C and D can be called boot partition or system partition. But since Windows 7, system partition and boot partition can be either separate or merged.