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Jun 08, 1996 · The rule for most capacitors is: the current in both capacitor terminals is always the same. This means: if charge is injected into one capacitor plate, then an equal amount of charge is pushed out of the other capacitor plate, and if equal charge cannot leave the second plate, then we cannot force charge into the first plate. An air-filled capacitor is charged, then disconnected from the power supply, and finally connected to a voltmeter. Explain how and why the voltage reading changes when a dielectric is inserted between the plates of the capacitor. The charge will remain the same. The electric field very close to the capacitor plate will remain the same. 9) A parallel-plate capacitor is charged and then is disconnected from the battery. by what factor does the stored energy change when the plate separation is then doubled? a)it becomes four times larger b)it becomes two times larger c) it stays the same d) it becomes one-half as larger e) it becomes one-fourth as large